United Elite Mixed Martial Arts & FitnessĀ 

Welcome to United Elite Mixed Martial Arts & Fitness (UEMMA), where passion for martial arts meets unparalleled fitness training. At UEMMA, we are dedicated to shaping not just bodies but empowering individuals through the transformative journey of mixed martial arts.

Our Mission
United Elite Mixed Martial Arts & Fitness is committed to providing the highest quality instruction in a diverse range of martial arts disciplines, fostering physical and mental well-being, and creating a community that champions self-improvement.

Our Facility
Located within our 5,000 square foot training facility, we offer a dynamic space designed to inspire and challenge. Complete with a full-size mixed martial arts cage, a boxing ring, and over 1500 square feet of mat area, UEMMA provides the optimal environment for achieving your fitness and martial arts goals.

Our commitment to inclusivity extends to our changing areas, ensuring both men and women feel comfortable and supported in their fitness journey.

Why Choose Mixed Martial Arts?
While many fitness activities offer individual benefits, mixed martial arts stand out as a holistic approach to physical health and mental development. UEMMA believes in the power of this well-rounded combination, providing self-defense skills, competitive opportunities, and fostering a sense of discipline and respect.

Programs for All Ages
We understand the importance of fitness at every stage of life. Our specialized programs include not only rigorous training for adults but also engaging and age-appropriate sessions for women and kids. From cardio kickboxing to summer wrestling camps, we cater to a diverse audience.

Join the UEMMA Community
Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, UEMMA welcomes you to experience the transformative power of mixed martial arts. Join our community, where dedication, discipline, and a passion for personal growth converge.

At United Elite Mixed Martial Arts & Fitness, we don’t just train bodies; we cultivate champions in and out of the ring.